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includes music from the upcoming film WE ARE STRANGERS


released July 25, 2013



all rights reserved


RUWA Brooklyn, New York

RUWA is a place in Zimbabwe, Africa, where the largest mass citing of a UFO by children took place.

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Track Name: ok_here_you_go
I meant to tell you
when I was sober
that I never felt that way before

I meant to tell you
that your body
felt like nobody's I felt before

I meant to tell you
when you're speaking
your words are flowers
blossoming in silence

and your heart's a garden
and I am swimming
in all the green

what did it mean?

I meant to tell you
that all your stupid friends
they are jealous
because you're pretty

because you're thinking
and what you're thinking
is that you are not asleep

so don't fall asleep
don't fall asleep
don't fall asleep

(summer comes every year
birds comes back they disappeared
all they need is in the air)
Track Name: what's the matter
kitchen table family matters none of your business
I can't expain
Track Name: Don't Be Sad
when all the rest of us have tried all the restaurants
and decided to stay in
because we're too tired and I'm too wired from trying
to change your mind
and all the secret heavens and the angels that we send them
go arc through the sky

and I'm dreaming of your body when I'm in front of your body
and I don't know why

so I can make a promise I can keep it if you are honest if you are vocal
if you are kind

don't be sad
Track Name: Something Quantifiable
if you treat each sunny day
like something quantifiable
like the hours we get paid
something quantifiable
we're the maze inside the maze
that's nothing quantifiable