make another promise to yourself
if one of those assholes doesn't treat you well
he can fuck himself he can't see you at all
it's a ladder to you but to him it's a wall

we go driving round in my fantasy
it's you the moon and the wifi and me
offer a cigarette to the sky
it doesn't have to worry because it's never going to die

and we cruise like that through the universe
making something valuable out of the hurt
that's how you work

I know you know to be vulnerable
is the way to be powerful
in the time before we die
you cried I starved til I disappeared
it rained sometimes the coast was never clear
in the time before we die

talking in tongues with boys and girls
I slept alone at the end of the world
meet me in the bright spot of the screen
we pass it back and forth until we know what it means

some of them are finally starting to see
it's a spectrum no one has to be one thing
from your hands to your feet to our breath in the air
there was a gender once and now it's not there

meanwhile at the end of our lives
what we will we be if we never tried

I know you know we're not coming back
we talk talk talk here comes a heart attack
for everyone that we love
our sisters always in the hospital
our brothers walk in endless circles
in the time before we die
you starved I dreamed I might disappear
it rained sometimes the coast was never clear
in the time before we die
I'm singing nothing can stop us now
mom and dad and everyone we care about
in the time before we die

from my mouth to the texts to the words in my chest
in the end you were the one who knew me best


from Everything Reminds Me of Something Else, released August 4, 2016
Brittain Ashford: vocals



all rights reserved


RUWA Brooklyn, New York

RUWA is a place in Zimbabwe, Africa, where the largest mass citing of a UFO by children took place.

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